Selling Your Gold: Choose a Gold Buyer Carefully

Many of us find ourselves with pieces of gold for which we no longer have a use. Whether a specific piece of jewelry is something that you no longer seem to have an affinity for or if it might just be an unpleasant reminder of a past relationship that didn't turn out as planned, there is no sense in leaving a valuable piece of jewelry in a drawer, collecting nothing but dust.

Finding someone to buy that piece of gold should be easy, right? After all, the Internet, TV, radio and magazines all seem to have plenty of advertisers who are anxious to buy up all the gold they can get their hands on, so getting a fair price for one's gold should be a piece of cake, right?

Getting cash for your gold is definitely easy. When one starts talking about a "fair" price, that is when things tend to get a little dicey.

All Gold Buyers do not Treat Sellers Equally

It is important to note that there is a huge discrepancy among gold buyers as to the price they pay in relation to the current price of gold at the time of the sale. Finding someone to buy your gold that is honest and is happy to pay a fair price is crucial to ensuring that you don't get ripped off.

This is one of the reasons Brian Gavin has begun buying gold from people. Gold is a commodity with which Brian has been intimately related for decades, and he understands the value of treating customers – whether buying or selling – right.

Brian Gavin knows that offering people selling their gold a fair and honest price is a first step in creating a strong relationship with a customer. In much the same manner as when Brian sells someone a unique and brilliant custom piece of jewelry, when purchasing unwanted gold from this person, he strives to make sure that the process is pleasant and thoroughly satisfying for the customer.

Selling Your Gold can be Quite Profitable

Many people are surprised to learn that the old piece of gold jewelry they've had stashed away for decades may just be worth substantially more now than the price at which they originally bought the piece. The price of gold – like any other commodity – regularly fluctuates. Selling your gold at a time of high market value can result in receiving more money now than the amount you spent on the piece when you originally purchased it.

Make a Good Choice When Looking for a Gold Buyer

Putting yourself at the mercy of faceless online entities when selling your gold is clearly not the most secure of business decisions. Many companies have sprung up with the specific business plan of giving unwitting consumers ridiculously low prices for their gold, and then immediately flipping the piece over for a profit in a market that is paying an outrageously higher price for gold than the amount they just laid out.

Brian Gavin is a much respected man in the world of gold and diamonds, and he fully understands the benefits and importance of treating his customers right to maintain his impeccable reputation. When you want to sell your piece of gold jewelry, bring it to someone who not only wants you as a customer, but truly wants you as a repeat customer.