Selling Your Diamonds: Choose Your Diamond Buyer Carefully

It is not uncommon for a once loved piece of diamond jewelry to eventually fall out of one's favor. Sometimes these pieces are reminders of a time best forgotten or perhaps it is simply a case of a person's particular tastes changing over time. Whatever the case may be, when it is time to part with that piece of diamond jewelry or that loose diamond, be very careful when searching out the right buyer for your stone.

Finding entities willing to buy your diamond is not difficult. Online, TV and radio ads abound with companies happy to give you cash for your precious stone. Do not believe that all of these offers will be basically the same. Unfortunately, there are a healthy number of less than reputable people in the diamond buying business who are simply looking for under informed sellers who are willing to take whatever is offered.

The difference between a fair price for your diamond and the price that will be offered – and hard sold – to you by some diamond buyers is tremendous. Make sure and do your homework.

How to Find Legitimate, Reputable Diamond Buyers

So, what is the best method for finding a fair buyer for your diamond? First of all, don't be swayed by shiny Websites with lots of bright lights and large, bold colored fonts. These places will typically have completely unverifiable "testimonials" from happy customers. A testimonial is only worth anything if a real person can be found to back up the words.

A simple rule of thumb is to consider the reputation of one looking to buy your diamond. Brian Gavin is a fifth generation diamond cutter, with a decades long history of cutting some of the finest diamonds in the world and volumes of real, verifiable testimonials from satisfied customers from all over the U.S. and throughout the world.

Brian Gavin buys diamonds because diamonds are his livelihood and lifetime passion. He only offers the most fair and reasonable prices for your diamond, based on his many years of experience and his desire to make sure every one of his customers is a happy one. There are no games and no hard sells when Brian buys a diamond; just honest and fair offers.

Don't Get Taken: Deal with a Real Person

Selling your diamond to a faceless entity on the Internet is not a secure way of doing business. Brian Gavin is a well known diamond cutter and jeweler, and someone always willing to stand behind every sale and purchase he makes. Brian knows that, giving you a fair price for your diamond is a great start to building a relationship that will bring you back to him when you are looking to buy that special piece of jewelry. Brian doesn't want to just make new customers; he works hard to create returning customers.

Whatever your reason may be for wanting to sell your diamond, allowing Brian Gavin to make you an offer is the most certain way to ensure that you are getting a fair deal from a real person who wants nothing more than to do business with you again.