A Diamond Repair Service to Breathe New Life into Your Precious Stone

Diamonds are the hardest natural material in the world, so one could rationalize that they will last forever without ever needing to be repaired.

That would be incorrect.

While diamonds are, indeed, an extremely hard substance, it is quite possible for them to become in need of repair at some point in the time a person owns one. A diamond can become chipped or abraded and repair is generally much more cost-effective than replacement. There is also the sentimental value of a diamond that inspires one to have the stone fixed rather than replaced with another that doesn't hold the same sentimental value.

How Does a Diamond Become Split or Abraded?

While diamonds are hard, they are certainly not indestructible. A diamond is what is known as a crystalline solid; specifically, diamonds are crystalline forms of carbon. This is important because any crystalline solid can be chipped or cleaved if improperly struck, regardless of how strong the exterior may be. This fact is why proper diamond cutting is such a fine art. A diamond that has been mishandled in any way while being cut can be abraded or become more susceptible to becoming abraded over time if the cut was not perfectly made.

Brian Gavin has decades of experience detecting such issues with diamonds, and he is a master at correcting these detractions to a diamond's brilliance. Allowing Brian to look at your diamond will result in gaining the precise information as to what can – or cannot – be done to make your diamond all that it can, and should, be.

Can any Jewelry Store Repair My Diamond?

That question needs to be defined a bit more clearly. Any jewelry store can claim or advertise that they can repair your diamond, but the quality of that repair is another issue altogether.

It cannot be stressed enough that when your diamond needs repair work, it should be performed only by an expert with a tremendous amount of experience with diamonds. For instance, Brian Gavin of Brian Gavin Diamonds is a fifth generation diamond cutter, having learned the business in his family's diamond factory in South Africa. Repairing a diamond is an extremely delicate art, and it requires a craftsperson with a long history in all aspects of working with diamonds.

If a diamond is damaged and in need of repair, there will generally be only one opportunity to get the job done right. A poor repair can easily do damage that cannot be undone. It would be terribly poor judgement to just drop your stone off at the local mall jeweler, with no real idea at all of the competency of the person who will make the repair.

Brian Gavin's reputation is completely impeccable in the world of diamonds. He is an innovator of design and a highly sought after speaker for functions that relate to the world of diamonds and diamond cutting. His diamond repairs are made with the umost in experience and authority.

Don't make a decision that will ruin a valuable, sentimental keepsake. Brian Gavin knows the diamond business inside and out, and his decades of highly admired diamond cutting and design make him the absolute "go-to guy" when your diamond is in need of a high quality repair that will make it look as good – or better – than new.