Diamond Recut Service: Recut Your Diamond to Make Something Old New Again

Have you ever wondered if the diamonds in your cherished pieces of jewelry are being all they can be? There are a lot of very detailed factors that go into producing a diamond's visual performance. A diamond's cut is the determining factor in just how much brilliance the stone will radiate. It is unfortunately not uncommon for a diamond to have been cut too deep/steep or too spready/shallow. These minor errors during the cutting process has a profound impact on a diamond's overall look and performance. Many times, a below grade cut can be rectified; if a skilled, experienced diamond cutter is given the opportunity to make it dazzle. Brian Gavin of Brian Gavin Diamonds has a very long history of making just these type of recuts that turn a diamond into something much more brilliant and breathtaking than one would ever have imagined. While not every diamond is a candidate for recutting, the chances are that yours may be. Allowing Brian to take a look at your stone opens up the possibility of having a whole new, brilliant performer of a diamond, many times with very little loss of carat weight.

Be Very Particular About Who Recuts Your Diamond

Having a diamond recut can, indeed, breathe beautiful new life into a stone. However, a diamond cutter not on top of his or her game can also turn that diamond into dust. Recutting a diamond is an art that requires a sharp eye and hand, as well as a great deal of experience. Brian Gavin is a fifth generation diamond cutter who initially learned his craft working in his family's diamond factory in South Africa. Those in the know about such things realize that South Africa is a world capital of fine cut diamonds. Having a wealth of knowledge and experience cutting diamonds cannot be overstated as a qualification one should seek out when having one's diamond recut. That is why bringing your stone to someone like Brian Gavin is a necessity to ensure that something truly tragic doesn't happen to your cherished diamond. Recutting a diamond is not simply about having the right tools and hacking away. An experienced diamond cutter will carefully analyze the diamond, inspecting every minute detail to get an understanding of what to cut and how to cut to not only keep the stone safe, but to have the resulting piece be even more brilliant and spectacular than the original. A diamond's overall brilliance is a combination of many factors within the stone. These issues, such as a diamond's spread, must be carefully considered before making a recut. It is possible that you could bring your diamond to a lesser experienced cutter and be perfectly happy with results; never realizing that the diamond is not nearly all it could truly be. Check out the history and reputation of the cutter who will be working with your diamond. Brian Gavin has an impeccable reputation in the diamond world. He has created brilliant, original designs and cut some of the most perfect, highest quality diamonds found anywhere in the world. Truly, there is nothing in the world of repairs that equals having a diamond recut. This is a process that can result in the creation of a spectacular, one of a kind gem or result in the total destruction of the piece. Nowhere else in the world of repair or refinishing of any type of product is the difference between a good job and a poor one so stark. Don't take unnecessary chances. Bring your diamond to Brian Gavin to be recut, and rest assured that you will end up with a piece as beautiful and sparkling as the stone itself will allow.
Give your Diamond an "Extreme Makeover" and see it perform like you never dreamed it could. Please Contact us with details of your stone and/or to request more information.