Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

Master Diamond Cutter Barend Deutz Grandfather of Brian Gavin  the cutter
Ben and Femma Gavin. Brian the cutters parents

My father Benjamin Gavin, an accomplished master diamond cutter was trained in Johannesburg, South Africa under my grandfather Barend Deutz.

Barend, who was a master diamond cutter, came from Amsterdam to South Africa in the 1930's to teach the industry how to cut and polish diamonds, especially fancy shapes. In 1994, my father, Ben, joined my company Alpha Creations Inc. based in Houston, Texas, and set up a diamond cutting and polishing factory to produce precision cut super ideal Hearts and Arrows diamonds with superlative optical symmetry. With months of research and many polished diamonds later, the formula,with the correct angles and percentages was perfected. The aim was to achieve a top performing diamond with superlative optical balance and with the most precision hearts and arrows patterning."A CUT ABOVE", was the first superideal to be sold on the internet by Alpha Creations Inc in 1999 testing the process prior to founding of whiteflash. This is where I coined the phrases ,"It's all in the hearts." and "The most optically balanced diamond in the world". This is how A CUT ABOVE was born.

I have been asked many times where the logo for A CUT ABOVE comes from? Aileen Lipkin, a famous South African artist, created the logo. Aileen was a good friend of my mother, Femma a well known South African artist too.

Alpha distributed A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows through traditional wholesale diamond channels to jewelry stores. "A CUT ABOVE", was the first superideal to be sold on the internet by Alpha Creations, Inc., in 1999.

in March 2009, Brian introduced his AGS graded Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows cut with the precision and consistency that he is well known for at even more competitive pricing. These diamonds can be found exclusively at