Diamond Cut and Shape

Diamond Shapes

Deciding on the shape of the diamond you are going to purchase is the first step in the selection process. If your loved one has her heart set on a particular shape, no matter how strongly you feel about a certain shape, if it’s not the one she wants then the end result will not be one that you had hoped for.

Cutting styles which result in different shapes are categorized into three basic types: brilliant-cut, step-cut, and mixed-cut.


Diamonds come in many shapes with the round brilliant cut being the most common, the most traditional and most-chosen shape. The round brilliant cut diamond exceeds all other shapes in exuding brilliance and fire. All other diamonds are called “fancy shapes”. Other examples of brilliant cuts that are also fancy shapes are heart, oval, marquise, and pear. All brilliants have 58 facets and are admired for their fire and sparkle.


The step cut has rows of facets that resemble steps and are usually four-sided and elongated. The emerald, asscher and baguette cuts are examples of this cut.


The mixed cut has both step and brilliant cut facets. In the last 15 – 20 years, mixed cuts featuring step cutting on the crown and brilliant cutting on the pavilion have become very popular. Examples of mixed cuts are radiant and princess cuts.

Various diamond shapes