Diamond Color Scale


Many consumers think that all diamonds are colorless, however, they actually come in a wide range of colors ranging from D to Z. The normal color range includes diamonds that range from colorless to light yellow and light brown. Differences in color will affect the value and price of a diamond. Color grading is subjective and depends on the grader, the environment, and the set of master stones being used. Often, a diamond’s color may be borderline and may vary according to the grader. Actual color differences are very subtle. Diamond color is graded with the diamond face down through the pavilion (bottom half of the diamond) in controlled lighting conditions. Cut will affect the color of the diamond face up.The normal color range, which starts at D, was developed by Richard T. Liddicoat at the GIA in the 1950’s.

Today, the GIA color scale is the most widely used color grading system worldwide. The AGS uses numerical values for color with D being 0, E is 0.5, F is 1 and so on. The color of a diamond is a result of the combination of the tone and saturation or intensity of a diamond which results in the depth of color. Within the same color range, diamonds can differ slightly. As diamonds become larger their color becomes more noticeable. Small diamonds, commonly known as melee, are harder to color grade and are often represented within a color range e.g. D-F.

To know what color grade you are comfortable with, go and look at some diamonds side by side. Remember to compare GIA or AGS graded diamonds so that you can be sure of the color you are actually seeing. Diamonds that have been color graded by other diamond laboratories may not have been as accurately graded. Another factor that can influence perceived color is fluorescence. Fluorescence is the emission of visible light by the diamond when it is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. This is an innate property of the rough diamond before it has been cut and polished.

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Naturally colored diamonds outside the normal color range are called fancy-colored diamonds. Fancy colored diamonds are either yellow or brown diamonds that exhibit more color than a Z master stone or they are any color other than yellow or brown. Colors may include red, purple, green, pink, blue and orange. Yellows and browns are more common. Unlike colorless diamonds, the value of fancy colored diamonds increases as the color deepens. Since the color scales are too varied to have a set of master stones, standard color references are used and then the color grade is assigned based on the variance in saturation.

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