This site is dedicated to all those Master Diamond Cutters past, present and future.

To my mentors, my grandfather Barend Deutz and my father Benjamin Gavin.

5 Generations of Diamond Cutting


In 1997, Brian Gavin, known as "Brian The Cutter", designed A CUT ABOVE diamonds, which displayed a true hearts and arrows patterning. His specific combination of crown and pavilion angles led to the world's most optically balanced diamonds. This set the standard which many companies who manufacture superideal cut top performing diamonds worldwide adhere to. A CUT ABOVE by Alpha Creations Inc. was the first Hearts and Arrows superideal cut diamond to be sold on the internet in 1999.

In March 2009, Brian Gavin launched his new Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamonds which are cut to even more exacting standards. Every Brian Gavin Signature H & A diamond has earned the coveted AGS 0 grade for Light Performance and is accompanied by the new AGS Platinum Diamond Quality Document which was introduced in January, 2009.

Brian Gavin Signature Stones